Elite K9K Presents Luxury Boarding Book Now

Ergonomic, indestructible Kuranda beds. Dogs are also provided soft, plush blankets.


Climate-controlled state of the art facility with air filtration system and heated floors. Plenty of outdoor space.

Raw Food

Proprietary home made raw food recipe. Blend of herbs, fruits, vegetables, and meats.


With over 50 acres of indoor (heated/cooled) and outdoor areas for your pets to play, we are able to ensure pets of similar sizes are grouped together and those that prefer not to socialize with other animals can have private suites. Our indoor dog daycare consists of two separate play areas; one for mid-to-large sized dogs and one for small sized dogs while our outdoor playground has play sets, jungle gyms, and agility tunnels. Both dog daycares are climate controlled, equipped with padded floors and are supervised 24 hours by professional staff members to maximize play and minimize stress.

Luxury Daycare & Boarding

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In order to maintain a high quality standard for all guests, we ask for some basic requirements prior to leaving  your loved one with us.

An intake form will need to be filled out for single day drop offs or extended stays. Alternatively, you may click BOOK NOW to use our digital booking platform to secure your dog’s daycare or boarding appointment today.


Friendly Atmosphere
We strive to cultivate a free environment where all our fur friends can play and get along, but it is a plain and simple fact of nature that not all dogs get along unfortunately. Keeping this in mind, we maintain an aggressive-free environment by avoiding dog conflicts. There are times when certain dogs can safely engage in healthy playtime with one another. Our professional staff keep constant supervision on all the dogs. We also provide privately fenced outdoor play pens for dogs that prefer to have more personal space.


Helpful Information
You are expected to know or bring with you the following information for daycare or boarding requests:

  • Breed Type
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Any applicable allergies
  • Is your dog micro-chipped
  • Any special commands for the dog
  • Last health exam and the results of it
  • What kind of feed they are on, how often and how much
  • If not spayed / neutered, when was the dog last in season
  • Special quirks (e.g. hates all other males, only eats at noon, etc)
  • Last time the dog was boarded and where (we need to track kennel cough using this info)


Vaccination Information
Your pet cannot receive a vaccine of any kind at least 10 DAYS PRIOR to DROP OFF date. We are very firm on this — no exceptions! Proof of vaccination is required at least 7 DAYS PRIOR to DROP OFF as well unless it is a last minute booking in which case proof of vaccination is required the day of booking.

Vaccination Requirement (Mandatory)

  • Da2PP (Distemper, Adenovirus 2, Parvo virus, Parainfluenza)
  • Rabies (has to be certificate). If your pet is allergic to the rabies vaccine, you may provide a written statement from their vet stating they show no signs of rabies and confirming that they are in fact allergic to the vaccine.
  • Bordatella (kennel cough) can be administered in many forms including intranasal, injectable, and oral. The intranasal form is the most effective against Bordatella.
  • Leptospirosis is also mandatory as it is picked up most commonly from stagnant water (puddles, lakes, ponds, etc.) As we are located out into the county where rodents and other small mammals such as raccoons may be present, We do require everyone to be vaccinated against Leptospirosis. This disease has been on the rise in surrounding areas lately and is a zoonotic disease (zoonotic-meaning humans can also contract the disease). There are many other zoonotic diseases associated with dogs but we have decided these vaccines are ideal for “high risk” dogs who frequent dog parks, daycare, travel and board frequently as per our vets recommend.

Optional Healthcare – HIGHLY recommended

  • Year round or at least seasonal flea, tick, and parasite prevention is highly recommended.
  • A stool sample should also be tested at least once a year, preferably every 6 months for “High Risk” dogs for parasites and for general health.

Canine Influenza – Please Be Aware

A new vaccine released to the public has made it possible for dog owners to prepare their dog with some immunity against a new illness called Canine Influenza. The virus very much resembles symptoms of Kennel Cough (Bordatella) but the illness is much more advanced and aggressive compared to your everyday “Kennel Cough” strain. Michigan specifically has seen an increase as well to the Canine influenza. We highly recommend our American Friends to also get this vaccine prior to boarding and anyone who frequents that area.


Special Requests
At Elite K9K, we take pride and pleasure in accommodating your beloved pet. Sometimes our clients have special requests that are very specific to their dog. Please let us know beforehand of any special or specific requirements during your pet’s stay with us.

Examples of special requests include:

  • Any toys EXCEPT ROPE toys. Make sure your toy is labeled
  • Special bathing shampoo
  • Specific food such as Kibble or other brand
  • Treats or special snacks
  • Medications your dog may need during their stay
  • Special leash or collar
  • Personal blankets allowed but not recommended due to germ spreading


Call (226) 759-2223 or Email info@elitek9k.com to book your pet’s Daycare or Boarding appointment.