We offer a wide range of grooming services to help keep your dog smelling clean and looking their best! Basic grooming packages available as well as fun grooming for those with a spunky side. Consistent grooming is an important part of any dog's life. Our professional groomer would love to take that job off your hands!

A La Carte Services & Packages

Full Groom Package
This package includes:
-Hair trim & shave
-Full bath and blow-out
-Nails cleaned and grinded
-Ear cleaning and ear hair trimming if requested
-A full check for fleas and ticks
-Healthy Eyes, Nose, and Teeth Check

Our Full Groom Package is priced subject to dog size and custom request dependencies. Contact us for more details.
Tidy-Up Package
This package includes:
-Bath & Blow-Out
-Hair Brushing
-Nail Trimming
-Foot Pad Trimming

Our Tidy-Up Package is priced subject to dog size and custom request dependencies. Contact us for more details.
Mobile Grooming
Elite K9K is proud to offer our mobile grooming service. We will pick up and drop off your dog!

Our mobile service limits us to Patillo Road, Lakeshore, Ontario. Anyone living in Windsor, Tecumseh, Amherstburg, Harrow, McGregor, Lasalle, etc. this includes you. Unfortunately, anyone residing PAST Patillo Road will not be able to have access to our mobile grooming service at this time.

We provide these services to all dogs but aggressive dogs will need to have their owner present and an outline of the dogs behavior will need to be given and discussed prior to booking this service.

Our "Doggie Mobile" will be equipped with crates/kennels of all sizes and if your dog is not comfortable in a crate and is used to car rides---even enjoys them, then we will segregate the back seating space so your dog can enjoy the ride in comfort!

This service is priced according to service distance traveled, dog size, and custom request dependencies. Contact us for more details.
Fun Grooming
Elite K9K provides hair coloration, bows, as well as nail painting services. Keep in mind coloring adds hours to the groom time. This is not a fast process and needs to be done carefully. Therefore, owner(s) should expect a full day's time to complete the groom if color is requested. We only use natural, plant based dyes that are not known to be harmful or allergy inducing. Our nail polish fits this same standard as well. We cannot guarantee how long nail polish will stay on for. Much of the nail polish life will depend on the type of terrain your dog is on. More grassy, abrasive surfaces will scratch it off easier. It is best to get this done the day OF an event!

Contact us for pricing or more details.
Hair Cuts
Professional hand scissor cuts, trimming, and shave as per owners request. We also provide shampoo & bathing, medicated bathing, hand drying, and brushing. We work with dogs of all size, ages, and breeds.

Our hair grooming pricing is based on dog size and custom request dependencies. Contact us for more details.
Ear Cleaning
Ear cleaning done with veterinary ear cleanser. We do not offer ear hair plucking by pulling the ear hair out. Plucking of the hairs creates irritation and increased chances of ear infection.

For those concerned about their dogs ear hair, we trim out as much as safely possible by request. If ear hair is left intact, the owner will have to keep their dogs ears cleaned more often.

Contact us for pricing or more details.
Nail Trims
Walk-in nail trims are welcome with required vaccines presented prior to service. A call is always recommended before you drive out.

All of our nail trims include grinding service as per the dogs behavior.

Contact us for pricing or more details.

We DO NOT do Anal Glands Expression! Only a certified Veterinary Technician or DVM can perform the anal glands expression. In the past, this was a service most groomers offered as part of the regular grooming package but in the recent years it has become problematic and unsafe to preform this procedure. Therefore, your groomer will make you aware if they notice any abnormalities while working with the dog indicating full anal glands so the owner can take their pet to the vet for them to be expressed.