Elite Boarding for your Pet

At Elite K9K we understand that your dog is a member of your family!  Our team of canine specialists appreciate the trust required when deciding in a pet care provider and we are dedicated to treating your pets as part of our family. Whether it’s just a day of fun in our doggie daycare or lodging with us for an extended vacation, there is plenty of space for your dog to run and play all day! . We’re not your typical boarding kennel and we’re here to provide your pet an amazing experience custom to their breed, age and temperament!


A Huge Difference in Your Pet's Life

With over 50 acres of indoor (heated/cooled) and outdoor areas for your pets to play, we are able to ensure pets of similar sizes are grouped together and those that prefer not to socialize with other animals can have private suites. Our indoor dog daycare consists of two separate play areas; one for mid-to-large sized dogs and one for small sized dogs while our outdoor playground has  play sets, jungle gyms, and agility tunnels. Both dog daycares are climate controlled, equipped with padded floors and are supervised 24 hours by professional staff members to maximize play and minimize stress.


A safe environment your dog will love. A home away from home.


Your beloved pet will never be left alone without oversight.


Your dog is in good hands – expert dog caretakers, trainers and veterinarians.


If you plan on having your dog stay with us, the following vaccines are required:

  • -Da2pp (distemper,adenovirus #2,parvo,parainfluenza)
  • -Rabies
  • -Bordatella (kennel cough)
  • (Leptospirosis and lyme optional but recommended)

We also recommend your dog is up to date on all Heartworm, flea and tick prevention. Elite K9K is not responsible for any flea or ticks they may pick up while boarding with us. If we do find a tick we will remove it and save it so that when owner returns they can bring tick to the vet for lyme testing and other transmittable diseases.

All vaccines must be up to date. If the dog is not, the latest a boarder can get a vaccine is no earlier than 7 days prior to drop off date. This is for protection against other dogs in kennel and also prevents the boarder from having an allergic reaction to the vaccine while boarding with us. The vaccine needs time to build anti-bodies in the dogs immune system so receiving Bordatella vaccine the day before drop off does nothing to protect the boarder or other dogs in the kennel. This helps ensure a safe and healthy kennel environment.

Boarding Prices Day care

  • Daycare - 25$ including HST 
  • Overnight - 35$ including HST (1pm next day pick up)
  • $8 per day for 2 feedings of our RAW food diet.

If owner comes after 1pm that day then a day care charge will be added to the bill.(extra $25)

The boarders are welcome to bring blankets and toys but no ROPE toys. Extreme choking hazard and we will not use them. We provide everything else the dog will need (bowls and bed, etc.)

If dog is on any medications, please specify what the medication is for, how it is to be given(with food, by mouth, etc.), how often to give and details on the dogs illness so that we can know the dog as best as possible and can prepare for any health emergencies that may arise.

Boarders must have a LOCAL emergency contact for the duration of their stay that would be available to pick up the dog for any extenuating circumstance.(aka too aggressive, etc.) If they cannot provide one they must arrange for their vet or a clinic with boarding to take the dog in case.

For any boarders over the age of 10 years or older MUST sign an elderly dog consent form.