Your dog is as unique as you are. Based on your goals and your dog’s behaviour history, we will recommend a personally tailored plan. We work in your dog’s environment. Depending on what the focus of the lesson is, that can mean in your home, on your walking route or at your favourite park. When signing on for a package of lessons, we will recommend the most suitable schedule but typically lessons are spaced a week apart.


  • Years of training experience
  • Specializing in our breeds
  • Proven history of success


  • Obedience dog training
  • Protection dog training
  • Hunting dog training


  • Your home and natural environment
  • Our dedicated training grounds
  • Other location of your choice

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The goals of different training programs can vary from simple obedience, to guard dog training, to competition performance. They all require different approaches, but there is one common aspect to all of them. The trainer himself. Dogs require the trainer to be both flexible and stern, caring and demanding at the same time. It is a craft that verges on art, and can only be achieved by years of working with our furry friends. Unlike humans, dogs cannot convey their thoughts plainly and the trainer needs to adapt and catch the subtle nuances of canine behavior that indicates the moods and needs of the dog being trained.

Our training programs are all run by outstanding professionals that have cared and trained hundreds if not thousands of dogs throughout the years and can find the way to the heart of any dog and work with them to achieve perfect results.